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06-22-2013, 04:18 AM
Originally Posted by keeny75 View Post
So I got myself a fleet Armitage and replaced it with my bug ship, I loaded out the fleet Armitage with all the gear my bug ship had,

Now the bug ship has a hull rating of 34,500 and a crew of 50
Fleet armitage 35,200 crew of 200.

So with the hull and crew increase you would have thought the armitage would have better survive ability.
in fact it's worse a lot worse.

In my bug ship I can sit still in Azura nebula and pick off a group of Tholians holding a D'deredix ship with no real problems. Hull will go Down to about 70%

Tried the same thing in the armitage and I died twice.

I'm constantly having to look at my ship status and repairing the hull and shields while I find myself screaming at the monitor telling my bridge officer healing abilities to hurry up and recharge.

Its so frustrating that such a good ship with supposedly better stats for taking damage is so bad.

So I'm going back to my bug ship, lighter, better dps, better survive ability but will miss torpedo point defence.

Rant over
Rant begin!

How in the world anyone can die in a ship that can keep EPtS !!3!! active the vast majority of the time with doffs along with an EPtE and/or EPtA while still packing two TTs, an HE, and the options of a PH/TSS or RSP/Aux2Strut when fighting Tholians in Azure Nebula, aka the bore you to death absolutely no actual threat NPCs just blows my mind.

Rant escalate!

Now I understand it is actually because Cryptic puts in various systems and mechanics (crew) that have been broken for years, as in don't do jack in actual gameplay, then even release all kinds of new toys for them (doffs/sets/etc) solely for the purpose of trapping the unaware into traps of suboptimal setups because the actual documentation for the game is absolutely awful.

Rant over