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Except, that, in practice, that is not what happened. With the option set to disable shoulder-cam, the cameras DID NOT move to the side when we scrolled in closer, and when we scrolled in all the way, behind/above the head, one more scroll-in with the wheel, put us in first-person view.

Whatever the reasons for that having found its way into STO in the first place, the behavior worked BEAUTIFULLY as it stood.

The only problem was the option setting not saving itself.

You are exaggerating the 'problem' with keeping that view in. Since we could disable it, even temporarily, it worked without a 'rework of the camera code', and since you are the coders to begin with? "hard-coded" is meaningless.

Putting a workaround that would go through the routine to reset the shoulder-cam to off, the same routine that was used when we changed the option manually, to disable the shoulder-cam, isn't as problematic as you make it out to be.

You have plenty of people who play STO and read these forums that have some experience with dealing with coding issues, and your reasoning for removing the non-shoulder-cam/first-person view that we have enjoyed and have come to depend on, adding to our enjoyment of being in STO in the first place, falls flat.

It _was_ a functional option, albeit one that had an option setting that wasn't persistent, which isn't a big issue to resolve and make it persistent.

And, you removed the functional option, rather than make the setting persistent.

The functionality itself, worked perfectly. Removing it, and leaving us with what we have left, makes me loathe ground combat.

Sorry, but your excuses do not make any logical sense, and from my past coding experience, it doesn't make sense there either.

Please go back to your coders, and instruct them to re-insert the code, and address the non-saving option setting, properly.

-- Smoov
Ok so I am new to STO. That being said great game! However I am also an avid FPS player and Flight sim enthusiast, on top of that I am a programmer and completely agree with Smoov, When a customer likes a feature that doesnt work perfectly I dont come up with a "Oh I'm sorry it would be to much work for my team to make that work properly" mentality. I would not be employed long if i did.

Fix it, Test it, Release it!