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06-22-2013, 09:17 AM
Originally Posted by tpalelena View Post
Actually I wish it healed me that much, its proc rate is still really random.

Wish it healed in a more reliable way. I want to PVE with it, but it never heals me when I'm taking fire, and it heals me when I'm not taking any fire.
Same, occasionally it helps me out but in estfs they burn through my shields without much effort. The bleed through eventually cuts my hull down till a super torp can kill me. I've had times where I had no heals for a minute or more then 8 heals in a row when I was already at full shields.

I can understand the problems with it in pvp. I did a couple runs of it to clear out the missions and had trouble doing any serious dmg to people in that ship. I don't honestly care in the slightest about pvp though so it was not that big an issue for me. I can't think of a way that a change could be put in that would affect pvp and not make it worthless for pve.

The larger then intended heal might be part of the reason it was making ships invulnerable though.