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06-22-2013, 12:01 PM
Mine is the USS Thunderblaze, or it's going to be once I get it set up. The 'Alliance of Thunder' was the first group I was ever leader of. It was in a Hunger Games roleplay and we were a bunch of tributes in an alliance Blaze was my alliance in the RP that followed on from that one (sequel, almost) before it got shut down. Hence, Thunderblaze.

Then if I get another ship it'll be the USS Aspire. The Aspire was the first ship I ever captained (roleplay ship, of course). We had a running joke with it about it getting blown up - I can't even remember how it started, but it was a really old ship and basically falling apart, and people would say stuff like, 'Yeah, the reason the ship doesn't have a gym is 'cause if people hit stuff too hard the whole wall would fall off' or (straight out of spacedock) 'Are you sure Captain? Warp seven? Can the ship handle it?' or (after the entire computer crashed this one time) 'Don't get annoyed at the computer, Ensign, things could be worse. This thing will blow up if you shout at it too loud' and even 'We'd better not invite Ensign Kay to the senior staff briefing... if we make the replicator do eleven cups of tea at once then the ship might explode from stress'.
We put it through 37 hours at warp nine point five, a battle with the Borg, an emergency landing and takeoff, and a memorable time when the Chief Engineer was possessed by a weird alien intelligence and attacked the warp core with an axe. It never fell apart or blew up or was even in repairs longer than a few days. Then one day we were flying off a starbase, my character slammed a fist on the armrest of the captain's chair, and boom, all hands abandon ship. I haven't had a command of my own on any roleplay site since