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06-22-2013, 01:37 PM
Originally Posted by kerne1127 View Post
I like the idea of setting it up so you can print them 9 per sheet like cards, then you can move em around and compare side by side, and waiting with baited breath for the rest of the klingon chart
Funny you should mention the Klingon chart. The completed version will be uploaded tomorrow.

Sorry for the wait.

Originally Posted by keiichi2032 View Post
Holy frakking crap.... this is amazing.

Nevermind accuracy or service providing, but the sheer effort of putting this together, and layout of abilities and specifications in such a way... its absolutely beautiful (from one artist to another).

What program did you use? I wanted to say Photoshop, but the lines seemed a bit too clean. Did you do this in Illustrator?
Thanks for the compliments. I enjoy making these.

I only use MS Paint and MS Word. Word to create the ship frame with the stats, which I then screen dump into Paint, crop and then copy and paste it into the larger rank block, which is again in Paint. I then assemble the rank blocks to make a new version (which is all I need to do tomorrow to complete the KDF chart).

The design isn't in the same league as Spidermitches charts, but I made it like this so it's easy to update and maintain. I thought the easier I made it for myself, the more likely I would be to update them.

Many thanks again.

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