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06-22-2013, 02:04 PM
Jacob and lenox soon arrive at lenoxs base.

Lenox: don't mind the mess we just moved. Govt caught on to us at our last spot.

Jacob: how many people do you have

Lenox: in my group all together close to 800 here and then the crews of about 6 old military vesseles.

Jacob: any one here know stane.

Lenox: probably not. But I bet someone knows where to find him.

A romulan walks up to him handing him a padd lenox looks at it and then hands it back to him as he leaves.

Lenox: well I sure missed that oppurtunity.

Jacob: what now.

Lenox: seems we just learned the orions are selling a highly classified fed tech. No spedifics from my sources but that any new tech would be nice about now.
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