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# 12 Federation Hangar Options
06-23-2013, 08:57 AM
The problem I see with federation hangar carrier options is not that they have no direct analogues, but rather that the options are limited in general.

I have no problem with the KDF having orion, fer'jai and drone hangar craft. Theyre all fantastic and provide situational use for a whole range of different pets. Its GREAT.

(I have a KDF character who specialises in piloting carriers and he's significantly more developed than my federation character)

The federation lacks these flavour options. I think this is something that should be addressed. They dont have to be mirror images of what the KDF get and indeed, they shouldnt be, but there's no balance related justification for the discrepancy in number/type of pets available to KDF/Feds respectively. You can argue lore all day, but thats a completely separate issue and has no bearing on gameplay mechanics insofar as balance is concerned (and if im being honest has never really convinced me that denying functional features to one faction or another is justified).

Honestly I just do not understand the complaint that providing Federation players with more carrier options impinges on the Klingon sense of uniqueness and flavour. There are many methods by which these elements can be preserved without completely denying access to particular aspects for one faction or another. It's also worth noting that in doing so, you actually increase the difficulty of balancing encounter design for the disparate factions because of the differing skillsets and availability of various functions (although typically this isnt a big problem with STO's fundamental encounter design philosophy).

Briefly, whilst i dont particularly feel that there's a burning need for federation characters to be able to carry frigates around (I think the shuttle hangar craft fill the role of heavier fighters quite nicely and provides a different flavour from the KDF frigates, albeit some of them need tweaking a bit), there really isn't a compelling argument from a gameplay perspective for them NOT to have them either if Cryptic wanted to go down that road.

To summarise, there's no reason that the federation shouldnt have access to a greater variety of hangar craft and there are various designs by which the uniqueness and flavour of both factions carrier ships could be maintained quite easily in doing so.