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*Armagosa Subspace Telescope. Sam is hiding in the Jefferies Tubes, several cuts on her face and the sleeves of her shirt slightly torn. Her arms and face are covered in bruises as she moves through the various junctions, switching paths at every turn. She hears the comm chime.*

Tara *Over Comm*: Come on, Sam. You've got to come out sometime.

*Sam rubs her heavily bruised neck, before opening the conduit into another junction. She enters the junction and leans her back against the wall, sitting down on the floor.*

Look, this telescope was designed to only use life support when maintenance crews were on board. All I have to do is put the telescope back on automation and...

Well, you get the idea.

If you come out and face me, at least you have a chance.

Sam: Better idea. How 'bout you come and find me?

Tara *Over Comm*: Hello? Anybody there?

*Sam taps the comm panel for a second before moving on.*

Junction 12, huh? Headed for the Power Generators?

Sam: I was wondering where the hell I was. Thanks.

Okay, Junction 1 was off the Command Centre... so if Junction 12 is the generators...

*Irritated* Then I'm heading in a circle!

*She comes out into another junction. This time she looks at the doors to check which junction she's in.*

Junction 8...

Screw it!

*She takes out her emergency transponder and activates it.*

Well Tara, you just got a big fat beacon to find me! Let's see if you get here before the Republic does.

*She looks around, looking up to read the sign for the next junction.*

Junction 10...

*She looks down.*

Junction 9...

*To the right.*

Junction 7!

She'll be coming from Junction 7, so...

*She tucks the transponder behind the ladder before moving up it to Junction 10. She opens the manual release for the hatch before closing it so it's open by just 2 inches. She then keeps her finger on the emergency open button.*
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