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06-23-2013, 10:32 AM
A simple question to the devs: are you going to add the actual doff system to the Gateway or only something minor related to it?

Because it's a great difference and the players only care about the first.

What we want is to bid assignments to our doffs, collect rewards etc so that we can do something really useful for the game with the app, just like fleet contributing.

I ask this because at the announcement you assured your "first priority" was to "add doff to the gateway" and you just needed time to develop the software (which is ofc reasonable).

But recently you stated in a blog post on the site that you are "wanting to add SOMETHING related to doff, something new and different".

Which sounds quite different.

So question simply is: are we going to bid assignements to our doffs or did you found a technical problem that makes this unfeasible?

Please answer.

About the rest, please bring back doff system alive as it was prior to dilithium extortion on academy services.