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06-23-2013, 12:28 PM
Binding only prevents you from doing things which would transfer the doff to another player/character. You can still use bound doffs for:

1. Up/downgrade at the personnel officer (as long as the doff didn't come from Ferra or his KDF counterpart)
2. Officer exchange assignments (as long as its not a civilian)
3. Fleet projects (if its a white doff)

You might have noticed from that you're out of luck if you've picked up civilians from Ferra. Don't do that unless you know you're going to keep them forever.

There are also some assignments that eat doffs, such as the final assingment of the gamma quadrant species colony chains, the ultra-rare "transfer changeling spy to starbase" and various KDF execution assignments. However, these are generally not worth putting anything but junk whites in.