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06-23-2013, 03:50 PM
Frankly... you are the first and only one we heard of with that thought.

Nearly everyone is awaiting for the doff to be added to the Gateway, it is the first purpose of the whole app, many even think it would be useless without it.

Have a read on the forum and the site posts.

Vanity stuff is only useful for the first time, then you have nothing to do to access again.

But most importantly:

Don't wanna use doff via gateway? Then don't do it. But why you want to keep people from doing it?

Also, as a side note, there IS reason to play the game besides doffing. The game is not (only) doff system. That is only a part.

Au contraire ("Instead", in french, just to be elegant) doffing via gateway will

(a) increase our doffing activity, number of assignments completed per day (with relative rewards) - since we cannot stay in front of a computer all day, but we do have a lot of spare minutes all daytime -

thus keeping players connected in some way to the game the whole day which is an excellent business strategy - it encourages players to keep loyal to the game since they already invested a lot of time - and

(b) it leaves players free to do the actual playing (action, STFs, missions) while connected to the full game client because they already did their daily management (doffing, contributing to fleet) in the spare minutes of, say, a pause thanks to the Gateway.

This is also why...

I (and many others, most of) frankly hope the entire UI-controlled systems - Exchange etc - are ALSO (which by no way means "exclusively", how could it do?) available through the Gateway.

Again, take a look at this topic and see how many times these requests have been made.


About the rest, please bring back doff system alive as it was prior to dilithium extortion on academy services.