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After looking over the Romulan D'Deridex Class Warbird I see that it has the potential, like its Galaxy Class counter-part, to become two possibly even three completely operable starships.

The image of the D'Deridex Class Warbird shows three separate hull outlines.

The red and yellow outlines are the two starship hulls created when the D'Deridex separates. The hull in the green outline is considered the command hull for operations involving the other two starships.

Because this class of Warbird is seprated into three different hulls it does lack in the area of warp drive velocities compared to the original D'Deridex class. Because there are two warp cores one for each hull the overall velocity of this class of Warbird is a modest 5.7

Each hull however has the ability to achieve a maximum Warp Drive Factor of 8.997 when they are separated.

The command hull also has the ability to use warp drive but is limited to warp 1.01

Although the class does suffer from top end warp velocities it does have the appeal of having two warp cores that are powered up constantly. This gives this class of Warbird the ability to remain in combat situation far longer than its D'Deridex print due to its extreme amount of shielding power that allows the class while in full connected mode to employ its full compliment of 10 disruptors, 2 per command hull,4 per starship hull section and one torpedo launcher forward and aft for each hull plus a single torpedo launcher located in the command hull without needing to adjust power consumption algorithms.

When in separated mode the power consumption levels return to their normal use for all three hulls.

When separated the command hull becomes the base of operations for the group of ships that can orbit a planet or follow behind the two starship hulls.

This class also has the advantage of having three separate bridges. The main bridge is located deep within the command hull with the other two bridges being located at the forward edge of each outline. During combat all three bridges are manned with the command hull bridge being the center of all ship operations with the bridges of the other two hulls while in connected mode are designed to allow for independant control over fighter missions and weapons fire control.

The upper and lower hulls each carry 5 dual pilot fighter ships similar to the Reman Scorpion. The cargo bay of the lower hull has been replaced with a hangar bay to facilitate the fighter craft.

The only cargo bay available for use are the fighter bays which can be reconfigured to store cargo instead of fighter craft if needed. This class of ship does however maintain a rather large storage capacity with its modest crew of 1,200.

Command 150

Crew 750

Soldiers 225 Regular Romulan 75 Tal'Shiar

The remaining 300 units of the ship dedicated to crew quarters of the original print are modular in design and can be adapted quickly to house more troops or modulated as cargo bays. For this reason these units are built close to the exterior of the two starship hulls and run concurrently through the structure which allows them to be changed out at a starbase in under five hours.

When modulated for soldier use the upper and lower starship hulls can house an additional 500 Romulan Soliders ,300 prisoners or a luxury palace full of Orion Slave Girls

This class of Warbird is considered a Command Class Starship and commanded by an Admiral with either Regular Romulan forces occupying the ranks of the other two ships.

When the Tal'Shiar command such a ship the commander is always a Colonel with the commanders of the other two ships always being Majors.

A limited number of these ships have been built with their numbers not being known for certain or where they are deployed.

It is believed that this class of Warbird is used in advanced scouting missions in unknown territory where the need for large fleets is deemed favorable to cover a large area of space where the praticality of such fleets is not warranted.

All three hulls as does the command hull employ cloaking devices which like the three warp cores provide triple redundancy for the cloaking device.

The only draw back to this design is that if any of the three hulls are damaged structually to an extreme degree that replacement hulls are nearly impossible to duplicate due to the manufacturing processes involved during its construction meaning that the enitre command hull would be scrapped to generate new parts for new Warbirds with the remaing two hulls being delegated to Diplomatic courier duties or target practice.