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Originally Posted by skollulfr View Post
no thanks.
i have tribes ascend, blacklight and planetside 2 among other games installed on my pc.
all of which have working pvp(shocker) in place of the chained exploits and animation locks this game calls 'skill'.

like i said
all the skill in the world wont change the outcome of a fight where your hitting for 200 dps with 20% resists and your attacker is hitting for 1k dps while carrying 70% resists.
dont get me wrong, even ghost recon online sufferes from the above 'win by calculator' example on account of scrubby 'premium' armor & ammo.

its just that this one is so mechanically broken beyond that, that i dont bother
3 out of 20 that hit still does more damage than 10000 that doesn't. Skill includes more than stand and fire in neat little lines as anyone who's run light 'mechs successfully against Assault 'mechs can attest. (2 points that hit are worth more than 200 points that miss...)
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