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Originally Posted by yreodred View Post
I fully agree with the OP.
I would go even further and say that all Leg settings look way too thin.

In my Character and BOFFS i tend to use the highest setting (leg Bulk) just to make them NOT look somehow anorexic.
Have you guys ever tried (for fun) to make a male Charcter look Body Builder Like?
This is perfectly possible with Upper Body setings but the legs look rediculusly thin, why?
The best you can get is a somehow average look for the legs but all my BOFFS/Captains (Female or Male) would have have cartoonish proportions if i wouldn't actively make them look at least a bit more natural.

I think the problem are some of Cryptics designers, they obviously have no sense of proportion.
I didn't even notice calves until I read this thread. Now, I see what you guys are talking about. Perhaps in our minds we overestimate what the thickness of the average person's thighs are, but they look kind of weird to me anyway, especially on a character who's calves are a bit on the muscular side. As soon I get back to spacedock I'm going to see if I can do anything about the calves of my female TAC officer who is is meant to look like she physically kicks butts for a living.

I've actually been reducing, not increasing the height and bulk of my male characters so they have normal athletic, not fantasy warrior proportions.
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