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06-24-2013, 12:16 PM
Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
it makes me sad to think of all the marks i would still need to grind to max the rep, AND to get this weapon to try it out. sounds horrifyingly op, its like the ice shotgun in space
You can try them out now... just go copy your toon over to Tribble, then pay the old DS9 Omega Rep vendors a visit. They can be purchased for 0EC each.

My fleet mates and I started testing both Nukura space sets on Tribble last week. When a carrier opponent is present, web mines were completely useless since carrier pets shot them down at high priority. Whenever my ship got caught my a web mine, I activated AP-Omega to break free.

Nukura web mines are available at T4 Nukura rep for 500 marks + 15k dilithium + some astrometric probes and industrial replicators. I placed one on my Fleet Defiant with DPB3, and it worked pretty well for what it was, but didn't seem that impressive otherwise. I'll test it out again at max Aux power to see if it works any better.