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Hi everyone. Thanks for taking the time to stop by. I am seeking a fleet. I am new to Star Trek Online and in fact new to Star Trek in general (after so many years of ignoring it I finally started watching and got hooked!). I am by no means new to video games or MMO's (First one I played was a text-based MUD), but am seeking a group of decent folks to game with.

Some specifics - I'm on GMT-7 but due to my work schedule am usually on at night on my days off (Sunday/Monday/Tuesday currently, subject to change) or a little bit in the mornings after work. I am a pretty quiet dude and usually listen to music while I game but don't mind having to use vent/mumble/teamspeak/whatever. I am mostly just a casual player when it comes to MMO's who likes PvE and exploration. As I'm still a newbie I might not be the most proficient player yet but I do like to help people out with questing and contributing to guilds and stuff. I'd like a Klingon aligned fleet that isn't just an alt dump, I'm not really an RP'er (no that I mind it at all, it's interesting I just don't really do it) and being new to the Star Trek universe and all I probably wouldn't fit the bill for a pure RP group anyway. Mostly just looking for friendly laid back folks, Feel free to ask for any further info - take it easy (or should I say Live Long and Prosper?).