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06-25-2013, 04:33 AM
House of Sigma is a casual mid-sized fleet.

We do not have a FED fleet but we are on friendly terms with a number of them

we have open, simple written policies.

do a fleet search and ask any current member for an invite or mail me @bootymcboots

basic info:

~250 active members, ~380 on roster, ~120 online in last 48 hours

level 16 SB, complete embassy, first dilithium mine upgrade counting down

1 week in the fleet to be a regular member, earn 100k fleet credits for access to provisions, TS3 available, website on my signature
House of Sigma (channel KDFdefera for PvE requiring only KDF teams) List of KDF issues [my in-game handle @bootymcboots] (channel KDF Empire for KDF orientated discussion - still in development/growing)