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# 1 Neural Processors???
06-25-2013, 06:03 AM
So the only rep that needs an additional item is the Omega Force which requires Neural Processors for the MK XII gear.

I would suggest that all Reps have a similar requirement, but provide them with additional use. For Example;

Omega: Borg Neural Processor
Nukara: Tholian Crystal Console
Romulan: Romulan Singuality Stabaliser

(Don't really care what they are called)

These are then used for MK XII projects but more importantly for conversion;

Project A: 5 Neural Processors = 1,000 Dilithium
Project B: 5 Neural Processors = 80 Omega Marks
Project C: 5 Neural Processors = 800 Omega Rep XP
Project D: 5 Neural Processors = 20 Romulan Marks
Project E: 5 Neural Processors = 20 Nukara Marks

Similar projects would be available using the other rep systems equivelent item.

As you can see it is not an "Epic" Value conversion BUT does reduce the level of grind inherrent in the system and allow the player some extra options of progression.

As I have now posted this, I can be safe in the knowledge that my genius idea of reducing the grind shall never come to pass.