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Originally Posted by harlequinpixie View Post
Well this is odd, I have asked a few people whom have tier 5 Nukara rep. And they did not get any reward like the previous reps. Both Romulan and Omega gave you marks and a lump sum of dilithium. So, the Tier 5 Nukara rep gives you nothing like this as far as I know. Is it simply bugged, or was this intended to not really reward players like previous reps?

The trouble with it is, the gear that you can buy within the rep requires a bucket load of marks and dilithium. With the dilithium you earned from doing the rep equates to 17,000 and the amount of marks pumped in is quite high. Yet, there is no actual mark reward at the end. So, to buy anything you need repeat the same stuff, on all your alts!
I haven't hit tier 5 nukara yet (mostly due to leveling a bunch of new toons) but this wouldn't surprise me. Reason it doesn't surprise me is the LoR was designed imo to do a few things. The first one was to throw any current and future factions to be on pay content wise with each other. The other is to provide a new lockbox as well as new c-store ships to the game. The last aim to fill the bucket if you will was to add a reputation system which mostly took CE most likely the most never used fleet action before f2p, and then mix in all the new stuff that had tholians to make the square peg that it was to fit in a nice beautiful reputation cylinder.

The thing that relates to what you are saying in this how the other reps reward you with said amounts its like giving you set piece free when you hit tier 5 and if its like you say and there is no reward I have quite a few issues with that.

#1. If nukara is no longer going to be rewarding fleet marks... What in the name of kahless would I bother buying up EV suit sets?

#2. Okay, with the loot table removing the old level less set from the elite boxes but all that pretty much drops out of these is crap to recycle lol.

#3. Considering both #1 and #2 as serious flaws in the nukara rep I would think there would be something other than gear that should be tied into this rep since that is the only possible link to end game that it can provide in its current state.

So from what I'm taking from this is the fleet marks should come back like defera, put in items in those elite boxes that can be used to progress holdings of a starbase, expand the types of gear in the rep store for a more in-depth view on the situation of the tholians (an example would be like an engineering kit that does something on the side of being a temporal mine/bomb or something in that area of tholianism)...

So basically 1 or more of those would be great... I just don't see the end game of the tholian rep in its current form to return Fleet Actions like CE back to its original state of never used to never used in a million years.

Edit: I also have been pondering the thought of gorn wearing helmets and EV suits and the spikes and teeth for biting how this will work with a Gorn LOL

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