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Originally Posted by aexrael View Post
While a novel idea this doesn't address the biggest culprit to imbalances.

The whole Tactical/Engineering/Science Captain classes needs to go away, and the sooner the better. They never made sense to begin with in a system where players are able to fly any of the various ship roles. The two systems doesn't compliment each other.

The creative energy of the STO playerbase should be directed towards abolishing captain classes and creating a more neutral approach, something which is more dynamic and flexible and can accommodate the various ship classes from a more neutral stance.
Something which fosters players creativity and desire to server in different roles given the circumstances or mood.
Irrelevant. While I agree with you I don't think this is negotiable. Even though all the cannon in the show points to when you are in command you wear the tos yellow or tng red there can be no assimilation in STO. Theywill resist.