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Open inquiry: Timeline and record of Marty McFly.
Background and current status are as follows:

1968: Birth
Friday, September 6th: Martin Seamus "Marty" McFly is born in Hill Valley, California, he is the youngest of three children of George and Lorraine McFly. Dave being the eldest brother and Linda, his sister, is the middle child. Little is known about Marty's early life.

1985: Age 17
Marty gives slight impression that he was somewhat embarrassed by his family and therefore didn't spend much time at home, preferring to hang out with his best friend Dr. Emmett Lathrop "Doc" Brown, Jennifer or the guys in his musical band, The Pinheads.
Saturday, October 26th: Marty accidentally time travels to 1955 and almost jeopardized his very existence. Only with the help of his friend Doc and the knowledge of the future was he able to rectify this and in the process make his entire family's lives all the better upon his return to 1985.
Marty and Doc ended up time traveling on a few more occasions and it was thought that all the traveling would end with the destruction of the DeLorean, but the Doc was resourceful enough to make a time traveling machine out of a locomotive and eventually built another time machine out of another DeLorean, with this one having a spatial coordinate system along with the time circuits.

1993: Age 25
While attending Hill Valley College with his girlfriend Jennifer Jane Parker, he proposed to marry her, which she gladly accepts. The date was set for Saturday, June 27, 1994.

1994: Age 26
Saturday, June 27th: Marty and Jennifer get married at The Chapel of Love. Doc is the best man.
Sunday, June 28th: Marty and Jennifer have an argument during the honeymoon about the marriage taking place in The Chapel of Love. Jennifer kicks Marty out of the hotel room for the night, telling him to "think about our future".
In the very early hours of that morning, Marty seeks out Doc to assist him on making it up to Jennifer by getting a "galactic" gift from the past. Doc, still half asleep, agrees on this foolish adventure.
Marty sets the DeLorean's time/spatial coordinates to Ancient Greece. The duo decides to not to use the hover mode and use a remote highway in the Mojave Desert to achieve the 88 mph needed to time travel.
4:57 AM: Exactly at the same time that the DeLorean achieves 88 mph, the Landers Earthquake rumbles across the desert. This 7.3 earthquake is a right-lateral strike-slip event that ends up causing the time traveling DeLorean to split into two separate entities, unbeknownst to them. One DeLorean travels as expected to the correct time and space (so we are going to ignore that one), while the other travels to...

2404: Age 26
Stardate 81985.2: The DeLorean arrives on a Borg infested planet in the Delta Quadrant. The Borg takes immediate interest in this unorthodox method of time travel and assimilated Marty and Doc within moments of their arrival. Marty was re-designated as 19 of 85, Fourth Adjunct of Trimatrix 47. Doc's re-designation is unknown.

2406: Age 28
Stardate 83208.4: The Borg became aware of an unusual residue of Borg components located in Grid 562 within the Beta Quadrant and sends Scoutship 255 to investigate. Crew compliment: 19 of 85, Fourth Adjunct of Trimatrix 47 and 6 of 14, Fifth Adjunct of Trimatrix 63.
Stardate 83213.1: Scoutship 255 arrives at Grid 562. Sensors indicate remnants of Scoutship 174 in Sector 1428 on the planet. Scoutship 174 was lost in 2378 after the death of the Borg Queen during that time. Further investigation required.
Stardate 83213.2: 6 of 14 couples with an intact alcove of Scoutship 174 and downloads the data. Pathogen detected. Analyze. Pathogen confirmed. Neurolytic pathogen assimilated from Admiral Kathryn Janeway of the U.S.S. Voyager, NCC-74656. Protocol: Disengage from Hive. Data transmission ends.
With the link severed, 19 of 85 slowly began to become self-aware. To help speed up his memories he kept reminding himself, "Marty, you're name is Marty". As the days went by, he gained more of his former memories. With no signs of intelligent life on this planet, Marty used the subspace transmitter aboard Scoutship 255, he sent a general distress call on all frequencies. In the meantime, while surviving off of the local fauna and wildlife, he would remind himself of who he is and where he came from, knowing that he could never return to see his wife again, but vowed to find Doc and liberate him from the Borg as well.
Stardate 83229.7: The U.S.S. Hestia responds in short order and rescues Marty. This vessel, aptly named after the Greek virgin goddess, did indeed house him like a new born child to be received into the Starfleet family. Upon this vessel he befriended Chat, a quirky individual that reminded him of Doc.

2409: Age 31
Academy Year #3 Tactical Division:
Marty was an Ensign aboard the U.S.S. Monterey when the Borg invaded again. With Marty?s heroic actions saving the crew of the U.S.S Khitomer, Admiral Quinn promoted him to Lieutenant and gave him command of the Monterey since the bridge officers had been killed in combat with the Borg.
Within a small time frame Marty quickly rose in rank under various commands and is now a Rear Admiral on an extended classified mission and has multiple vessels under his command.

All further inquiries are to be directed to Admiral Quinn.
End Transmission.