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"Captain's Log, Stardate..Computer, what is the current stardate?"
"Stardate is 98704.57."
"Thank you, computer. The admiral of the fleet has granted me a special dispensary for a new command - a retrofitted Akira-class light carrier, registry NCC-93461-C. I have yet to choose a name for this ship,but the upcoming battles will surely enough give me some form of inspiration for the name. At present, her name is U.S.S. Highborn."

"Captain Aubrey, sir. You have been requested on the bridge; I believe that we have received an invitation to participate in a...war games exercise by Admiral Riker. It may be unwise to accept,considering that his personal flagship is--"
"Thank you, Four of Thirty...Helm, set a course to rendezvous with the Admiral's ship in the Briar Patch - let's just hope that he doesn't prepare the Riker Maneuver in anticipation."
"Aye-aye, sir."
"All senior staff, to the briefing room. We have a lot to discuss."


"Captain, we have received reports of..attacks on the Romulan Republic by Admiral Riker's ship - which is--"
"Plausible, sir. Although my people are unofficially aligned with the new-found Romulan Republic, we too have had our ships attacked by what at first appeared to be a Venture X-class dreadnought cruiser, which fits the description of Admiral Riker's ship. However, there have been reports of Tal Shiar drone ships in the area, most notably near the Azure Nebula."
"Thank you, Subcommander T'kek. Next time though, please allow my executive officer to finish speaking before you break-in."
"Yes, sir. My apologies, Commander Colclough. Afterwards Captain, I would go to Deflector Control - if you will allow it."
"Of course, Subcommader. What were you going to say, Commander?"
"Thank you, sir. I was saying that it is impossible for the admiral's ship to be in the space around the Azure Nebula - because the admiral's ship, the Titan, has been in spacedock for the past three months being refitted. It sustained heavy damage in it's recent incursion against the Klingon Empire."
"That is indeed troubling. Dismissed."
"But, sir--"
"I said, DISMISSED, Lt. Cmdr. Sebers. All of you, return to your stations."


0700 hours, the Azure Nebula, 13 days after the alleged attack on Romulan ships by the U.S.S.Titan.
A Dhelan-class destroyer regenerates after a battle that destroyed 90% of the Romulan Republic's armada, and left the destroyer with no crew or captain.

Vessel Eight of Fourteen, online. Regeneration systems, online. Weapons systems, active. Auxiliary systems, online. Selecting form. . .Vessel selected: U.S.S. Retribution, NCC-93461-B. Target acquired: U.S.S. Highborn, NCC-93461-C. Primary target for assimilation: Captain George Aubrey. Secondary target: Admiral William T. Riker.

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