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# 168 Holodeck's Gateway Feedback
06-25-2013, 03:32 PM
Hello Cryptic,

As Fleet Admiral of 3 great fleets in STO (1 of which just hit 1 year of service), I have to keep up with everything thats going on both, in-game & out-game - for this I use the Gateway alot, tho I know you guys have mentioned, and I know, that the Gateway its on its early stages, and therefor there is alot of future updates that it will be seening, I would like to suggest one thing to be added.. And This is only to all players in fleets, that are able to "Promote, Demote, Kick" on the fleet...

I would personaly love and thank everyone of you if this option was somewhat implemented to the gateway...

Thank you for your time.....

Ps ~ if you community members have feedback post it in this thread, Im sure Bran will make it and Official Gateway Feedback Thread!!