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06-25-2013, 04:37 PM
Captain?s Personal Log, Stardate: 86472.57, Captain S?Talarus Tr?Khev USS PATHFINDER

It has been twenty-four hours since my posting to Captain of the Odyssey class tactical cruiser USS PATHFINDER, registry NCC-97010. The Borg boarding parties at Vega killed all of the senior crew, including Captain Taggert who was a dear friend of mine. He will be missed. The crew is quickly settling into the idea of such a young captain, but the transition has been much more difficult for me. Though I am already well acquainted with the people I have assigned to the bridge, I have doubts about my abilities. I am thankful for Kelsi Sarish. I hope her Prophets bless her, she does her best to bolster my confidence and I am grateful to have her beside me, both on the bridge and in life. The Pathfinder has been ordered to report to the Klingon Neutral Zone where we will be assigned to the 7th fleet 77th Taskforce, known as the Phoenix Corp, under the command of Admiral Raxatuza. I have not heard great things coming from the front, however I would rather face angry Klingons than deal with the Tal Shiar. I know I am still top on their list and Empress Sela would love nothing more than to have my head. I may be a traitor to the Empire, but I am still loyal to my people. These reports of a man named D?Tan sound promising and I look forward to the chance to meet with him and the newly formed Romulan Republic.

End log.