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Sorry for the delay in getting these questions answered - been a busy day!

Here's a quick FAQ that should address most of the questions that've been raised in this thread:

Q: Will the Floaters work on other maps (like ESD, e.g.)?

A: No. The Risian Floaters are only able to be activated while on the Risa Resort event map. We have no plans to allow personal flight on any other maps, using these devices.

Q: Will we be able to put the Subspace Wake Console on other ships?

A: No. This console is restricted to Risian vessels.

Q: I will not be able to log in enough to complete the Ship Project. Can I still get the Ship?

A: For players that cannot participate in the daily "Flying High!" mission sufficient times during the event, there remains the option of buying out the Event Project and obtaining a Risian Corvette.

As stated in the Dev Blog, additional Lohlunat Pearls can be purchased using Lobi Crystals, at the price of 5 Lobi for a pack that contains between 2 and 6 Pearls. This puts the cost of the Risian Corvette at between 835 and 2500 Lobi Crystal. However, every single day that you can complete the "Flying High!" mission, this cost is drastically reduced by earning a lump sum of 40 Pearls.

For example, if you only participate 18 days out of the 25 required, you will have earned 720 Lohlunat Pearls. Purchasing the additional 280 will set you back as little as 235 Lobi Crystals.

Q: Will this overhauled Risa map remain accessible after the conclusion of the Lohlunat Festival?

A: Our current plan is to allow this map to remain active after the Lohlunat Festival ends. All of the associated Summer Event activities will stop being available, as will free access for Klingons, but the destination can still be used as a social map by Federation and Fed-Romulan captains.

* NOTE: This may change, and isn't currently set in stone.

Q: Does the Risian Corvette have a custom bridge/interior?

A: No. It will come fitted with Federation or Klingon interiors, depending upon your faction (or choice of ally, for Romulans).

Q: Will there be special doff missions that reward items like during the Winter Event?

A: No. There are no Summer Event Duty Officer Assignments.

Q: Will there be a Starbase Project?

A: It will not be available at the release of the Summer Event, but there will be project made available soon. The exact release date of when this Special Project will become available is not yet finalized, but we hope it will be in the next couple of weeks. It will cost Lohlunat Favors to complete.
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