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Commander's Log, Supplemental.
We come from a broken galaxy.

I am Terrana; half Romulan, half betazed. The old hatreds and racisms amongst the races of the Alpha and Beta Quadrant no longer exist. All of that changed when the Borg arrived. Thankfully when they came, my father was working underground with a Starfleet Intelligence mission. My Betazed father Jehm was working with a Tal Shiar operative named Talon, as well as my eventual mother T'ran; both Romulans. He received the distress call from when the Borg destroyed the Federation Fleet at Wolf 359; He was preparing to return when they got the last subspace transmission from Earth; The Enterprise had failed. Earth fell to the Borg.

The Federation was quickly swallowed, as what was left of Starfleet ran from the unstoppable force. The Borg quickly assimilated Utopia Planetia, and using material from the shattered fleet at Wolf 359 began constructing new vessels. With Starfleet's knowledge of the quadrant, they began their rampage. Nobody could stand to their force; the Star Empire, the Klingon Empire, the Cardassian Union, nobody. All that's left are a few small groups, here and there, trying their best to stay hidden from the might of the Borg. There are no longer Klingon groups, Romulans or Terrans, Vulcans or Andorians; it's all simply Non-Borg against Borg.

I was born a few years later in hiding; I suppose my parents wanted something to help them find even a bit of joy in this world. I am somewhat saddened, as I find this a pretty sad place for myself, and I had far from a "cheerful" childhood. But I digress, this is not the time to complain about the circumstances of my birth. Who knows, had this not all happened, I might not even have been created at all.

I find myself in a sad situation. My closest friend since childhood; a Reman named Avathgalad was assimilated. We managed to sever his connection to the Borg, but he's forever changed. He's still my friend; but he's but a shadow of his old self. And last week... Jehm and T'ran were killed when their ship got between the old Star Empire Bird of Prey I and Talon am on and the Borg Sphere chasing after us. Their sacrifice allowed my escape... but was it even worth it? Either of them is worth three of me.

The experiment is almost ready. Talon is eager to try it; but I feel pain whenever I think of going through with it. It was supposed to be the way all 5 of us could escape this blasted reality; now 2 and a half of us get to try. I suppose this is just life taking its toll on my mind. The plan is perfect... I just could not get it ready in time.
"Aren't you ready yet, Terrana?" Talon's voice echoed from the doorway, as Terrana pressed a button on the console to stop the log.

"As ready as we can be, Talon. Is the flux device ready?"

"Yep," Talon said as he stretched casually. "Attached to the singularity core. We activate it properly, and it should flux the singularity core sufficiently to open a quantum tear, one that if we fly the ship through, we?ll end up in another quantum reality. Just like the old Starfleet records of their Mirror Universe."

"Hopefully we'll find an existence not as... evil as that. That being said, I'll take that over this constant fear of the Borg," Terrana said with a sigh. "Will the ship make it?"

"That's the only worry, really. You and T'ran did your best to reinforce the plating of this old T'varo, but there's only so much we can prepare for. This has never been done, so the whole purpose may have been for nothing. We could get torn apart in the Rift," Talon said. "But, as you said, it's better than the alternative. That Sphere that's been trailing us this last week, we don't have the firepower to fight it."

"So possible death in the rift, or definite death... or worse... at the hands of the Borg. Very well," she said.

*On the Bridge*

Terrana, Talon, and Avathgalad sat upon the bridge. All ship functions had been re-routed to their stations; as they were the only ones on the ship. "Terrana," Avathgalad?s somewhat flat voice called out suddenly, "I'm detecting a Borg warp signature approaching. If we hurry, we should be able to get this done before they reach us."

"No sense waiting. Do it," Terrana said. Talon nodded, and hit the button.

The ship's singularity core began pulsing with an odd bluish light, as a beam shot out from the front of the ship. The rift began to appear, like a pulsing blue gravity well in space before them. "Take us through!" Terrana yelled, as Avathgalad hit the impulse engines to full. Reality began to bend around them as they passed through, as alarms went off across the ship as it was twisted by the energy coursing around it and through it.

Abruptly they were free, but the alarms continued to go off. "The core's about to blow," Talon said with a frown. "There's a planet close enough for us to beam down! We don't have time to debate, I'm beaming us down!" he called out, hands flying across the console.

They appeared on the surface just in time to see their ship explode in orbit in a green and blue explosion. "Well, there goes our wings..." Terrana said. "Where are we?" she asked, looking around.

Talon was looking at the plantlife. "It's not a Borg assimilated world, I know that much, and that's all part of me cares about." He was scanning with his tricorder. "According to this, I got a quick scan with the ship before we beamed down, this is a planet called Virinat. There's a Romulan population here, nothing big."

"Guess we try to pass off as refugees, eh?" Terrana said.

"At this point," Talon said, "Aside from Avathgalad, we certainly look ordinary enough. And hey; after what we've been through, I can use a rest."

Terrana smiled. "I suppose we could, couldn't we?"

And so Talon and Terrana, as well as their Liberated Borg Reman companion Avathgalad, were able to join the Virinat colony. Though glad the Borg didn?t own the galaxy in this reality, they were saddened to hear of the destruction of their home world. They made their lives as honest farmers and workers? until the Elachi and Tal Shiar came. And the rest is history.
-- I will do what I must to aid my family, friends, and fleet, in that order; no matter how many things, laws... or people... I have to break in order to do so. --

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