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I have tried multiple tickets to retrieve missing characters. I was away from the game for 3 months from January to the beginning of April for Military Service. I received and email saying my account email was requested to be changed. The same day I responded thru the link provided, and went thru the recovery process (banning the account, regaining control, updating security, and notifying the GMs I have control of my account to un ban it).

The first time I log in, I find I went from 9 level 50 Characters to 2. I have submitted 3 tickets regarding this, and have had ZERO luck with any help. Calling billing at least fixed it to where I can reach my Zen again. I am going on 3 Months of trying to get this fixed, and I am incredibly tired of being told to initiate a ticket, and work the process.

Is there any other way to actually talk to a person? To have a GM respond with more than a cookie cutter email? A way to actually get some customer service from PWE? It is hard to keep playing this game knowing that at any point everything I have PAID for can be wiped out and the current system for recovery doesn't work. I hope that I can get an answer here for an alternate system to get this fixed.