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# 7 The Choice by Fire.
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Captain's Log
Commander Gorvar of the IKS Dauntless
Stardate 98704.57, Qo'noS time is 1223

This might be my final log as Captain of the Dauntless.
We are currently en route to Qo'noS with our cargo bay filled to the burst with escape pods from a race we didn't know existed until 0600 this morning. The Romulan Republic has been warned and D'tan is sending several of their finest to help how we can free them.
I may have re-ignited a war which nearly destroyed our Empire a mere three decades ago. A war the Empire, the Federation and even the Romulans would've lost if it weren't for Captain Sisko and the Prophets. A war that will cost billions of lives in exchange for four hundred and fifty people who may or may not even wake up. Am I mad to have chosen this outcome? To have given the Dominion an excuse to invade the Alpha Quadrant once more?
I better start at the beginning. This morning at 0600, which seems a life time ago. We were patrolling close to the Bajor system, the Empire always has a few ships near the wormhole at all times to keep an eye on things. I was having my coffee, an beverage I was introduced to on Deep Space 9 during the war, when Thraask called in...

"Commander." The Gorn Science officer called." I'm picking up something on sensors."
Gorvar placed his mug down as he walked over to his friend. Gorvar and Thraask were of the same size, despite the fact both were from two different casts. Gorvar was born in the Warrior cast while Thraask was born in the worker cast. However Thraak was the offspring of a warrior male and a worker female, so in his own words he was the best of both worlds.
"What are you picking up, Thraask?" The Commander asked as he peered at the monitor.
"Weapon fire." He looked Gorvar in the eye. "Dominion signature."
Gorvar stared back at him before he glanced to his mate, the Klingon female who was her second in command. Krishna Of the House of Karlan. She was as a Klingon female should be. Strong, long black hair and a scar across the left side of her face and a small stump where a portion of her ear was bitten off by an drunken Gorn who had enough of her insults. The first of many mating scars she proudly wore. To make things fair she made quite a few scars herself across Gorvar's back that same night she lost her ear.
Like Gorvar she was a bit older than most of the crewmen on the bridge, but like her mate she also fought in the Dominion war and knew how dangerous one Jem'Hadar ship could be.

"K'Gar, can you cross reference that to our database?" Gorvar asked the Klingon male at tactical. K'Gar was the third and final member of the bridge crew who also served during the war although on different ships. He saw enough combat to know how Jem'Hadar weaponry looked like on his screen, even after three decades.
"I did, it's Jem'Hadar fire, Commander." K'Gar replied." They seem to be in combat."
"Federation?" Gorvar asked.
"No, the phaser frequency is different from a Federation vessel and it would be unwise to antagonize them this close to Bajor and DS9. The energy signature for defender's weapons are unknown to us." Krishna said. A sound went off."The defenders are sending a automated SoS signal. Running it through the universal translator." She frowned as she tried to read." We are Ikran, we flee from the Founders, we flee to be free. To those who love honour and freedom, help us." She looked at the Commander." Please, help us."

"That settles it. Helmsmen set a course to the battlefield. Full impulse." Gorvar took his place at his captain's chair in the middle of the bridge.
"Commander, isn't it best we leave this to the Federation? It is technically their space." One of the junior crewmen said. The Commander took a look at the bekk and smirked." There is a human proverb I like, the early bird catches the worm. And this worm my boy is large and juicy."
"Aye, Commander." The bekk said as he tried to hide the confusion on his face and continued his duties.
Krishna leaned in close to Gorvar." Stop confusing the pups with human sayings, this is a Klingon vessel."
"You prefer I quote Shakespeare then, my dear?" Gorvar chuckled quietly as his mate rolled her eyes and punched some keys on her console to hide her amusement.

The Dauntless sped toward the battle, cloaked of course, as it unfolded. Three Jem'Hadar vessels were engaged in a savage dogfight with several bizarre vessels. The defending ships were shaped like an X, using phasers which came from the outer points of each appendage. They were highly flexible despite them being the same size as their adversaries. However despite their agility, their phasers did not seem to penetrate through the Jem'Hadar' shields.
"Like a pack of Targs trying to nip at a giant's feet." K'Gar mused as the bridge saw the battle on the screen.
Thraask made a quick scan at the ships." Ah, this explains it. Those ships are unmanned. No organic mind could react fast enough or survive the constant pressure changes."
"Did those ships send the distress signal?" Gorvar asked.
"Not the ships, something else. Hold on Commander, let me show a little light." Thraask punched in a few keys as a small pod lit up red. The Gorn Science Officer took a quarter of the screen to zoom in on the pod so the battle could still be seen. The pod showed one life sign and after a quick scan, it came up as unknown.
"Unknown, commander." Thraask said." According to my scans It's been in stasis for a long, long time."
"Can we see it's face?" Gorvar asked.
Thraask nodded and showed the face of the alien on screen. It was an humanoid creature. Male. It had a red skin, white marks over his eyes and blue hair. Gorvar could not help but blink.
"Commander, isn't that-" The bekk tried to say but Gorvar already stood up and walked over to the screen.
"The same race as Captain Doutra we met on Khitomer?" Gorvar added." Yes it is."
"Captain, I'm detecting many more of these pods. Hundreds." Thraask said. He calculated. "Over Four hundred give or take."
"The Jem'Hadar are targeting these." K'Gar said." I detect debris of several pods and those drone ships."
"Those D'Blok!" Krishna cursed." There is no honour in fighting an enemy that does not fight back themselves."

Gorvar's mind went back to the same dark space he always went to when he saw escape pods. The small, dark room floating in the coldness of space. Plate as thick as a thumb which separate life from death. There are no shields, no weapons, no monitors. Death could arrive in the form of a phaser blast, or a meteor or a piece of debris. Worst of all the person inside cant see it coming. Do nothing to defend themselves. Why and how he survived as others on the same ship didn't Gorvar did not know. If it wasn't for the Bird of Prey that rescued him from the Hegemony vessel he would've been vaporized long ago. He swore that day on his honour he would protect those who could not protect themselves in that situation. But that was a promise easily made. If he would save these people, it meant fighting the Dominion. And if they were provoked, the entire Alpha quadrant would be once more soaked into war and with the Romulans and Cardassians severely crippled the chances of holding back let alone fend off a invasion. He did not owe these people anything, he could just warp away and ignored this happened. And yet...

"Can we beam these pods aboard?" Gorvar asked. The bridge crew fell silent until the Gorn turned around." Well?"
"We can, but it will take five minutes to-" Thraask tried to say but got interrupted by his Commander.
"Good, also try to send an message to those Ikrian ships that we are their allies and are beaming their people aboard. Our shields will be down for those five minutes and we need every second we can until we can raise them again. Krishna tell the pilots of the Scorpion fighters to suit up. It's time we test those Romulan fighters out. K'Gan I want weapons standing by."
"Commander, if we engage the Jem'Hadar we would break the Treaty." The Bekk pointed out.
Gorvar could not help but recall a line from Shakespeare." Cry Havoc and let loose, the dogs of war." He turned around to Krishna and gave her a nod, which she returned and relayed his orders without question.

The Dauntless decloaked as it started to transport the surviving escape pods inside it's cargo bay. The Jem'Hadar stopped firing as they regrouped, like a pack of wolves after a bear came to claim their prey. The few remaining X- ships rallied near the Dauntless as the Scorpion fighters lined up around the K't'inga-class battle cruiser.
"The Ikrian ships are lining up to defend us. Seems our message got through."
"We beamed all those surviving Ikrians aboard commander." Thraask said." Shields coming back up."
"Commander, we are being hailed." K'Gar said." Three guesses who."
"One will do. On screen." Gorvar said as the monitor switched on. A vorta stood unphased as she seemed to look the gorn down.
"I am Kaileen, spokeswoman of the Founders. Whom do I have the pleasure of speaking?" She asked.
"I am Commander Gorvar of the IKS Dauntless." He replied politely.
"An genuine pleasure to meet you, Commander. You do seem to be a long way from home."
"As are you." he retorted.
She gave a smile as sharp as any dagger." So we are. However I'm sadly going to have to ask you to hand over those escape pods to us at once. Those people are enemies of the Dominion."
" I have a hard time believing people in escape pods who cannot return fire are an enemy to anyone." Gorvar replied." I am sorry but the Ikrians are staying with us."
"Do not be so hasty, Commander Gorvar." Kaileen replied." You do not know how devilish these creatures are. The Ikrians nearly destroyed the Dominion after our little....scuffle we had thirty years ago weakened us greatly. We have to wipe them out before they can try again."

"That reaction cost you the war, Kaileen." He said as he walked around the bridge." And I met one before." Gorvar retorted." She helped save a lot of lives. Romulan, Human and Klingon. I owe her enough to save at least a few of her people from your brand of justice. The Ikrians are staying and unless you want to break the Treaty I suggest you leave, before I grow angry."
"We outnumber you two to one, Commander. What possible threat can you pose us?" the Vorta smirked." You have one minute to reconsider that I'm sadly forced to upon fire. Choose wisely Commander." With a smile she ended the call.

"Orders sir?" K'gan asked.
Gorvar walked back to his chair and sat down. Krishna noticed he was holding the ends of his chair hard.He glared at the six Jem'Hadar ships in front of him." baH!" he shouted. "Blow, wind. come, wrack! At least we'll die with harness on our back!"
"Fire all weapons!" Kirshna answered the captain's call." Show them our answer!"

The Dauntless' reply came in the form of an unleashed beast as phasers and torpedos came forth and pounded the Dominion vessels hard. The Scorpion fighters charged forward and engaged the enemy ships as they dodged their fire. The X-ships joined the fray with their new allies and this time seemed to be doing more damage to them. In the end, the Dauntless' ferocity and tenacity proved to be to much for the Dominion ships as the remaining three retreated. But the damage was also large on the Klingon side. The remaining X-ships were destroyed as well as half the Scorpion Squadron and many warriors on the Dauntless itself left on the barge to Sto'Vo'Kor. However this fuelled the surviving crew even more and chased the surviving ships down.
The former two managed to jump away to warp but the later got shot down for it's efforts by the Dauntless.
"Qapla!" the crew cheered at this victory and sang a victory song. Only one kept his reserve, the one who feared the consequences of his actions.

In total fourty-eight warriors died, but somehow I fear they are the first to journey to Sto'Vo'Kor because of my decision. Thraask tried to open a pod early but decided against it since opening it would've meant death for the Ikran. I contacted command who in turn contacted the Republic. Turns out Captain Doutra also found a pod a small while ago. She as well as several Romulan scientists are called in. Maybe now the pieces are coming together so we might finish this puzzle.
Regardless the chancellor did not seem pleased with my decision. The Federation, the Borg, the Breen and even the Tal Shiar are breathing down our necks. The last thing we need is the Dominion. Already spies report numerous ships are jumping through the wormhole from the Beta quadrant and are spotted throughout the Alpha quadrant.
I swore an oath to myself, to leave those people to die at the hands of the Jem'Hadar meant leaving my honour behind. I had to do it, there was no other choice. That is what I keep telling myself anyways.
End log.


Gorvar rubbed his eyes as he heard his room's door slide open. He recognized his mate's scent and heard her footsteps. She did not say anything. She did not call him a hero or a fool. She did not throw things against the wall or kissed him deeply. She just placed her hand on his shoulder and held him close. She was Krishna, his mate for the good times and the bad. His rock, his heart, his pillar of strength. And the only one on the ship whom could take away the mask and love him for who he was. Gorvar placed his hand on hers and wished this moment would last forever.

The end.

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