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06-25-2013, 07:16 PM
U do know that u can check the Service status on Virgin. To be fair I aint had a problem with Virgin in the Uk up to now. Yer whilst they were upgrading my area to 20 megs. For nearly 4 months there were issues with Virgin. having days when it weren't online as it had broke down. But to be fair my Entire 14 months with them I've had maybe 4 of them types of days max.

But yer I've had the disconnection issue multiple times 2nite with STO.

Service: Virgin Media
location: UK, Birmingham
Speed: 20megs(reality u never get to that. maybe 10-15megs)

But yer have to admit the past few days Internet has been slow on Virgin for some odd reason. Which i've found strange. Foning them 2moz anyway as I am switching my providers soon anyway. But yer if u got a Virgin Account online u can check the service status to know if it's them doing maintainance or not.

But then I never stay with most companies for internet pat a year. LOL.