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06-25-2013, 10:11 PM
see i rather enjoy temporal mechanics , and even if its "localized around my ship" if my ship was exploding the that explosion would stop and never have happened since it is around my ship. ergo my ship was never actually destroyed which is why in game my ship isnt destroyed. Either way you look at it its still very unbalanced since its like any other ship ability, if i activate eng team right when my hull would hit 0 it heals me and dont give a point to the other players. Esp since the game itself sees it in time that the ship would not be destroyed, therefore how could a kill that didnt happen take place? the abillity as described says "Untargettable and held for 7 seconds while time rewinds " I activate it when my hull hits 10% to ensure time the ability goes off before i die. so if its sapose to freeze time around me making me untargettable how does the rest of the attacks still hit in the first place, and second since it does " After 2 seconds, +1380 Hit Points per sec for 5 seconds
After 2 seconds, 450 Shield Regeneration to each facing per sec for 5 seconds "

just like other hull heals why doesn't the score counter see it as the ship being healed before it was destroyed. As far as I see it, and the game, the ship was never actually destroyed, so it makes it unbalanced that the score counter sees it as a kill when the ship was never actually destroyed.