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06-26-2013, 02:42 AM
Here's how I got my Borg science bridge officer. ( I am a Fed )
First I must point out that I have not destroyed the cube in fluidic space, as in the Undine mission "Assimilation", so I had no "Assimilated" accolade so far.
The first time I tried, I completed the "report to gamma orionis" mission, then I played "Khitomer in Stasis", I walked into the IMR, I died but no assimilated accolade popped up.
So, I checked the Collective missions' log and I have noticed I didn't hail the second mission, "Collateral Damage", so I hailed it, I accepted the mission and I played "Khitomer in Stasis" again, I walked into the same IMR ( the first one you run into, I guess ) and, to make even more sure, I performed a jump right before the first green line on the floor inside the IMR, I died and then the accolade popped up, then I just went to Gamma Orionis, hailed the U.S.S. Victory, clicked on "Four of Ten" and I could see the "Assimilated accolade" button ... and that's all
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