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06-26-2013, 06:41 AM
Just chiming in that I've found the grind gear overrated for most, if not all, content currently in the game, up to and including PvP.

With the introduction of the rep tracks I pretty much decided my new characters (but 1) didn't need that stuff. They are still pretty viable, and even get more freedom in choosing the exact mods they get to the equipment. The biggest advantage I found was the mk xii Positron arrays with a combination of [SIF], [STL] and/or [SHDS].

Got the full mk xii sets on 2-3 characters - the ones I had pre-S7 - so I can still compare, but I really can't be bothered going through these bureaucrat gameplay-style* rep tracks for such a minor boost

I will also echo that, pre-S7, it was a piece of cake to get the Mk XI sets before, and that I too got the Mk XII sets in a couple of weeks per character, but will also concede that the STF dil output has increased since.

*I guess that's admiralty for you: administrative duty and paperpushing...