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I always like to add a bio to my main characters, just because it seems a little empty to leave it blank.

I also like to try to use the bio to explain why this officer is so skilled as to rise in rank from Lieutenant to Vice Admiral in under a year, so the bios usually include some sort of Starfleet Intelligence training, or extremely promising Academy marks, something like that, since an ordinary officer jumping in rank like that is not believable.

But this time, my Bio wont post, it states that it has profanity in it.

I have tried replacing any words i can think of that could possibly be tripping up the profanity filter with different phrasings, but none have fixed it. Here is the Bio (the words i tried changing are highlighted):


Born in 2360 William Grant lived an unremarkable life until joining the academy.

His performance in advanced problem solving and combat strategy caught Starfleet Intelligence's interest. He was recruited shortly after graduation as an operative.

Though much of his record with Starfleet Intelligence is classified, it is known that he received many commendations, and served under various aliases and ranks on at least 3 starships
U.s.s. Titan
U.s.s. Ranger A
U.s.s. Valiant A
Whilst under the guise of Lt Hammel on board USS Valiant A in 2395, the ship encountered a Borg cube. All crew were assimilated, and the ship itself was crippled beyond repair.

William Grant was recovered by Starfleet Intelligence as a priority in a mission designed to liberate several identified Starfleet personnel from the Borg in 2399.

At his own request, several removable Borg implants were kept in place and active, as they were "useful".

William Grant returned to service with Starfleet Intelligence after a long period of evaluation early in 2401, however, after demonstrating an unacceptable bias in Borg matters, he was returned to normal service in 2409.

Having never been officially promoted, and as much of his record could not be disclosed, he was given the rank of Lieutenant in command of U.s.s Ohio.


I have searched for any kind of list of filtered words, i have tried looking for online profanity filters i could try running this bio through, both with no luck, and the only idea i have left is to post the entire bio in chat and see what it filters out, but that seems kind of extreme, and i would have to navigate away from this character creation screen to do it. (which is annoying as changing the bio in game costs credits that you dont get straight away)

Any ideas for what could be tripping up the filter, and WHY such a ridiculously strict filter is being used?


I went in game and posted out my entire bio in chat with profanity filter on, and it didnt filter ANY of the bio in chat. So why is it saying there is profanity when i try to post it as a bio??

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