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I am seeking a fleet to spend my STO time with. I just reached level 50 with my Romulan tactical character and am now entering into the grind period where I hope to get a reasonable build going as soon as I can reasonable do it.

I am looking for a mature group that play a wide range of the game as I enjoy PVE and PVP. I like good communication with TS/mumble and teamwork. Very importantly the group I join should play within the European timezone. I am playing the evenings and weekends and sometimes during the day, all GMT+0 (summer time +1). I can't do Thursday evenings and Sunday evenings, so if these are your main planned events that isn't going to work but otherwise I am available.

I am more than happy to contribute effort towards fleet goals. I want to get better at the game, both tactically and gear wise and I'll earn my place.

In past games that I have fallen for I have been a relatively high achiever. At one point I was the richest man in the Eve universe and ran a corp of 250 people. I won a European championship in call of duty. I have held a world ranking in Counter strike. I current administer an Arma 3 clan which is one of the largest and is the best trained in Europe. I am a software developer by trade and often write small software apps for simulating the game or solving clan concerns. Hence I often have plenty to offer when I am in the right sort of group of like minded gamers.

Hopefully the right group for me is out there. Ask any questions you want to.