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06-26-2013, 09:47 AM
Originally Posted by tk79 View Post
Wow, those ground doffs are good.

I'm calling that Security Officer OP now. +300% Ambush damage (3x doffs), that should be 150% * (1 base + 3) = 600% extra damage? That's a lot. Being DoT will give the target a chance to heal, but I don't think a Hypo will be enough to counter that much damage over time.

Not to mention grenades not consuming Ambush but still getting its bonuses. Two ambushed grenades + 1 whatever Ambush hit is already looking insane in theory.
The DoT would have to tick through your shields, which usually have better resistance values than your health. Pop the MACO shield heal for a good HoT to counter it (and more Shield DR to make the DoT weaker).

Currently, well built Tacticals can one shot people with an Ambushed Pulsewave. These doffs are more for pressure damage (either because you can't quite get that OSK or your enemies tend to be really good at not dieing).