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Oh my!

The species included in this pack provide unique combinations of traits which emphasize their canonical characteristics. This pack includes 17 new active-roster powers, with many powers enhancing abilities that previously did not have any Duty Officer powers to interact with:

  • Systems Engineer (Space): Chance to add power to all systems when activating Engineering Team.

  • Research Lab Scientist (Space): Chance to lower the cooldown on all Shield Heal powers by 15 seconds when activating Science Team.

  • Conn Officer (Space): Chance to increase Perception and Accuracy when activating Tactical Team.

  • Energy Weapons Officer (Space): Chance for Beam Overload to cause your attacks to ignore a portion of shields for several seconds.

  • Astrometric Scientist (Space): Increases the duration of the defense buff given by Mask Energy Signature.

  • Fabrication Engineer (Space): Increases the duration of Reverse Shield Polarity.

  • Matter/Antimatter Specialist (Space): Your Auxiliary Power to the Inertial Dampeners now also increases your Energy Resistance Rating and is increased in duration.

  • Development Lab Scientist (Space): Each reflected hit of Feedback Pulse has a chance to lower the attacker?s resistance ratings to all damage.

  • Biochemist (Ground): Your Nanite Health Monitor has a chance to have a number of additional charges.

  • Armory Officer (Ground): When using Stealth Module, increases the duration of the Stealth Ambush damage bonus effect.

  • Explosives Expert (Ground): Adds a chance for Disable Weapons to your Chroniton Mine Barrier.

  • Quartermaster (Ground): Your deployed Cover Shield gives bonus Resistance Rating to nearby allies.

  • Biochemist (Ground): Your Sonic Pulse now additionally roots all targets hit for a short duration.

  • Security Officer (Ground): Increases the bonus damage of Ambush by 100%, but all bonus damage from this ability is now dealt as Damage over Time.

  • Diagnostic Engineer (Ground): Your Weapons Malfunction has a chance to chain to nearby targets.

  • Damage Control Engineer (Ground): Your Quick Fix now adds additional bonus Resistance Rating to its target.

  • Assault Squad Officer (Ground): Your Sweeping Strikes now have a chance to cause an Electrical Damage over Time effect to your target.

  • Hazard System Officer (Ground): Your Fuse Armor has a chance to deal double damage.

Many of the new Active Duty roster powers are designed to create new uses for powers which previously had somewhat limited utility ? making Cover Shield a group defensive buff, for instance, or turning Ambush from a burst DPS cooldown into a sustained DPS cooldown. Other powers simply add fire-and-forget buffs to existing powers, providing additional utility to all the ?Team? powers in space for instance. Whatever your playstyle, this pack has something for you

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