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06-26-2013, 02:12 PM
Originally Posted by lucho80 View Post
Everyone worried about doffs and no one has paid much attention to the Suliban ship which seems to be the ultimate doffing ship.
Well, it has no direct impact on actual PvP gameplay - unlike the DOFFs.

Which is why you won't see very much discussion about it in this particular sub-forum.

At thread:

It's kind of funny, but over the weekend I kept wondering when we would actually get DOFFs for some of the few powers that don't have any DOFF linked to them and specifically I was wondering what they might put out for AID or FBP.

I'm pretty intrigued by the AID DOFF. I've always had a hard time justifying that power, even though it's actually really good, but only because the alternate options often seem so much stronger.

Since it's M/AM DOFF, IIRC you can only slot one, but it might just make it interesting enough for a side build.