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Originally Posted by avengerkid1993 View Post
Have you seen the Kumari's Wing Cannon ?
Yeah, they look very good, but they sucks.

When you use the Cannon RF Ability, normal cannons and turrets increase their dmg, but kumari's cannon don't.

4 Phaser Relay
125% Weapon Power Level

DUAL HEAVY CANNONS: 1952 Phaser Damage
KUMARI'S CANNON: 5293 Phaser Damage

oooooh, looks great


4 Phaser Relay
125% Weapon Power Level
Cannon RF III

DUAL HEAVY CANNON: 2536 Phaser Damege
KUMARI'S CANNON: 1121 Phaser Damege

WTF is it ?
Agreed i Tried an All Phaser load out with wing cannons and 4 Phaser Relays, and the andorian assault set did some trial runs noticed that Damage was not high, swapped out all the phasers, consoles and assault set put in my fleet heavy antiproton dual heavy cannons with Antiproton Mag Regulators... result? an absolutely devastating War Machine......and no its not a Glass Cannon not as an engineer with the complete Borg Assimilated space set.......