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06-26-2013, 03:16 PM
It was the premades in arena that eventually put me off PVP totally. Only time i go in for PVP is Cap and Hold against the klingons...and i ignore the capture and hold part just to fight the klinks because nine times out of ten the fed side cant organize a piss up in a brewery so the klinks usually win the cap and hold part.

The premades have all but killed arena for me. I joined a few premades via the opvp channel and done a few roflstomp arena matches, then i thought to myself "that is usually me on the other side" felt bad for the noobs we was stomping and stopped doing arena.

There is only two things that Cryptic would need to do to get me a "casual" pvp'er back into the fold.

Split arena into two types...

Premade Team Arena (call that one "Elite" Arena and bump up the dil reward to 2000 after completing 3 of them).

Random Team Arena (pugs...on BOTH sides with no way for a premade team to get in).

When LOR launched i seen a lot of new folks enter into arena, those new folks that I still chat with now flat out refuse to go back into arena matches because of those premades. As the fresh blood in arena stops, it will soon be a case that premades will start going up against other premades and it will be the same old names showing up again and again in PVP.