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06-26-2013, 03:54 PM
I miss being able to place a marker on a player or enemy (like fire on his target or at this target), something useful in other games. Even an indicator who is the squad leader, like a star next to their name in game. I have run into some strange birds in this game, not that that is anything unusual for an MMO, but I've disabled my in game VOIP for that vary reason. I've also got a strong suspicion that some people don't use, disable or don't know how to use the chat system in this game. My friend goes in and disables the chat and is only really social when he plays with me and my fleet, otherwise he just comes in, queues SB24 and shoots some stuff.

Since this is a Star Trek game, it tends to also attract people who are fans, but don't necessarily know how to play MMOs, or understand the concept of the ships tier system. You can find Miranda and Connis in Mirror Events and every now and again one of these players stumbles in to an STF (this is my personal favorite). Last night, there was a Scorpion Fighter in the Mirror Event, lets just say the Stadi just sort of glanced at them and they went pop.

Being able to highlight something in game (or paint) is something universally understood, "Oh look, its got a big target over its head and everyone seems to be shooting at it".
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