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I would also point out that the reputation system brought a lot of new stuff to the table. Getting through the tiers opens up space and ground abilities that weren't there before and can't really be given in a drop like gear can. Plus, you can go after the gear you want and ignore the rest. And with all of the different places to get Romulan marks, it really forced me to explore all of the season 7 content. In my opinion, the reputation system was well implemented and felt like less of a grind than playing STF's all day to not get the gear drop I wanted.
guess why I left ...
I left STO 1st time back 6+ months ago, around the time Nukara was introduced

my reason was the back whole the fleet holdings are, it's a dilithium sink
my fleet, after all this time, still hasn't reached max tier with the starbase, we are very close but still .. 6 months and I still can't get a fleet Armitage

when LOR got released I decided to get back to STO and give it a try, only to find out that all borg stuff went away to another black whole .. in form of "reputation"
yes it took time, even weeks, to get a full set .. but it was the trill of the hunt, you did STFs because you wanted to
now it's a 2nd job, you do STFs because you have to; also, it's rather useless to do ground STFs anymore - they just wiped the floor with 1/2 of the end-game content and for what

now they introduced the dilithium mine, that is a blatant ponzi scam
dilithium mine that requires dilithium in it's projects?!!? what the hell .. is it a mine or a black hole
also, if you do the math, the so called "discounts" aren't there because of the millions of dilithium the projects require to complete
the only reasons to even do the dilithium mine tiers are the consoles and the cores

Defera - I see no reason do to it anymore
Nukara - same
New Romulus - I did it once for the novelty of it and I do the story missions that get unlocked with every tier but that's it

the reputation system made a lot of content absolutely useless
I just sit with the game in window and watch the eSTF channels so I can farm dilithium - because that's the state the game was reduced to
from time to time a do a fleet alert, a crystalline catastrophe or a mine trap for the marks

the joke's on you Cryptic

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