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# 13 Of War for Peace
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Veltrassa, June 16th, 2407

ISC Prime. The whole world was basically a bustling city. It's tall buildings reflected the large ideals the Concordium held. Despite the fact that the Concordium has tried, and failed, at bringing the galaxy up to the high standards of peace, their spirits still endured knowing that one day true peace will rise up from the chaos of the galaxy.

Within the Hall of the Holders, representatives of each race sat around a large oak wood table, listening to the leader of the Pacification Army, Grand Admiral Jyromec Crostier.

"...and once again, the Federation has proven that their mission of peace is futile as they have yet again declared war against the Klingon Empire! Although I'm sure every one of you can agree, the hostility of the Klingons is great. But time and time again the Federation has made peace with this race of brutes only to break their paper thin treaties and wage yet another pointless war! We can not simply stand by and watch as the galaxy burns once again under the boots of war from these barbarians. I beseech of the wisdom of the great leaders of the Interstellar Concordium, Holders of the Declaration of Ideals: it is time, once again, that we act. We must show the blind children of this galaxy true peace. Without our power and morals, this galaxy will be strung in an endless cycle of wars and grievous bloody battles."

The Holders looked at each other, muttering amongst themselves until finally the head of the council, Misac Rohlm, stood up. His great height reflected his old age and the immense wisdom that came with all those years of life. He looked down toward Jyromec, "Holder Nezzcal wishes to speak."

As Misac took his seat, the Xindi-Arboreal stood up and straightened his flowing white robes, "Grand Admiral, your words speak great volumes. However, after our encounters with the Dominion, are you sure the Pacification Army would be able to withstand yet another series of battles?"

Jyromec opened his mouth, only to be halted by Nezzcal's raised hand, "Not only that, but I want to be sure that the civil population will not be affected by this. It is without a doubt that the population of the planets we had to retake from the Dominion are still emotionally shaken. To embark on a second Pacification Campaign can cause great unrest if we are not prepared."

After finishing his last sentence, Nezzcal nodded his hairy head and took his seat.

He faced Misac and said, "That is my statement."

Misac nodded in turn and turned his attention back to Jyromec, his amphibian eyes staring down at the Grand Admiral, "Your response, Grand Admiral?"

Jyromec looked up to Nezzcal, "Holder Nezzcal, you are a great man and I respect your statement. So I will take this opportunity to assure not only you, but the Concordium in itself, that I can say without hesitation that the Pacification Army is more ready for any resistance than it will ever be. Our resolve has endured for centuries, our technology has greatened, and our military strength will overwhelm anything that can ever be foolish enough to resist our movement."

Jyromec's eyes scanned the council, looking directly at every one of them, "And if I fail, I will personally take responsibility for tainting the good name and the ideals of the Interstellar Concordium."

The Holders once again turned to each other and began muttering, discussing the words that were just spoken. After a few minutes, they finally turned to face the Grand Admiral once more.

"We will consider your request," Misac said.

Jyromec said nothing, biting back the protests that were rising up within him. Nonetheless, most of the races within the Concordium were telepathic and thus represented among the Holders. He knew his concerns would be addressed regardless on how he delivered them.

So, he merely bowed and turned on his heel to march out of the council room.


Days passed since the day the Grand Admiral stood before the Holders. But on the 20th day of June 2407, the Interstellar Concordium formally declared the start of the Second Pacification Campaign, authorizing Grand Admiral Jyromec Crostier of the Pacification Army to use whatever force necessary to bring about galactic peace.

"Should any world impede on our campaign so much that achieving peace is impossible, then our only option is complete and total eradication of that world and its citizens to prevent the cancer of barbarism from spreading throughout the galaxy once more." -Grand Admiral Jyromec Crostier

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