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06-26-2013, 07:04 PM
I'm surprised by how many entries we have already.

@ indyv72 - there are obviously some issues with time travel in the Back to the Future series (if they travel 6 months into the past then they should arrive floating in space opposite Earth's present position in the solar system, right?), so a cruise into the Delta Quadrant isn't too unreasonable.

@ sharpie65 - I hate to be critical, but it's really hard to read the red font against a black background. I survived though.

@ ayel1 - did your character get posted to a new ship within 24 hours of the fight? That's the impression that I got, though I'm not sure since the character already knows some people well. Also, you might want to go and replace the ? with proper punctuation. It happens to all of us...I copy from Word into Notepad and then replace the "fancy" punctuation that Word makes with the basic ones prior to pasting my entry into this wimpy text box.

@ aten66 - will your entry be depressing?

@ maverickdude05 - I'll look for your again once you fix the punctuation issues since you are aware of them. How did you end up with * everywhere?

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Welp, I've been working on LC 4 and 43 at the same time, while working and reading entries on my lunch breaks.)
Are you posting to previous threads?