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Originally Posted by kitsunesnout View Post
I'd probably have the first 4 weapons same as my MVAE and B'rel does, romulan torp, XII ACCx3 plasma torps 2x, omege torpedo, and then bio-neural as 5th.

And this would become my 5th plasma torp boating ship should I ever get it, So far, B'rel, Vo'quv, MVAE, and then the attrox. It just works so well on them all =^.^=!

Also, since the scimitar can essentially have an enhanced cloak with the consoles, it would serve me even better than the T'varo (I think it's called) ever could for boating them.
The Cloaked Barrage would be great for me using Scatter Torp and CRF. Stay cloaked while I burn everything! Though the Drone pets really intrigue me.

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