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06-27-2013, 02:30 AM
Originally Posted by earlnyghthawk View Post
"Balance of Terror"
The Romulans built the first cloaking device, not the Klingons.

But yes, according to other available info, the Rom's did use terribly bad ships in the Fed/Rom war, that still somehow did well for them, but the first Warbirds, and getting the Klin D-7 cruisers were definately an improvement for them.
I'm not questioning "Balance of Terror"...please read again what the person I'm qutong wrote.

"And for the romulan cloak, all should know, that Romulans are who made the cloaking device, even TOS klingon ships are romulan. Romulans traded ships and cloaking tech to klingons[...]
But silly ppl who saying that, doesnt know, the fact that klingons was first even dumb to build starships, not speaking of cloak, so basicaly klingon space tech is based on romulan space tech."

Based on this BS the Klingons bought their ships AND the cloak from the Romulans because the Klingons were literally too dumb to build ships of their own.

Again please read what I was responding to before you post.