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06-27-2013, 02:12 AM
SRS 1st Birthday Party a big success.

No outright pet winner so everyone got a prize!

The Star Trek Quiz was won by Jonne with David and Cav coming joint second, well done David, for a 9 year old that's impressive (yeah yeah he's my son but I still think it's impressive

Finally the awesome New Romulus Treasure Hunt which caught a lot of people out was won by Toevin with Cav coming second, MCP coming third with Jonne 4th and Ghattal and David joint 5th. Toevin won the magnificent prize of a Tal Shiar Adapted Cruiser, congratulations Toevin.

Then back to the embassy for Romulan Ale and much fireworks.

Thank you all for taking part and for helping to finish our embassy. Next party looks to be a Tier three party for our sister KDF fleet, Don't Miss IT!

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