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And I'm not wading through 100 pages just to find out:

Ship Emblem

Like a the Fleet Emblem, only different for each ship. Most navy ships have an emblem or insignia for each ship and it would be cool to have an emblem to put on uniforms other than the fleet emblem.

Default uniform for ship NPCs.

Personally, I am irritated that anyone who shows up during while I'm visiting my bridge that isn't a bridge officer has a uniform that's different. Also, it would be nice to have the option to put all the bridge officers in the same uniform (with color variations based on specialization) so that I don't have to change 10 uniforms if I want to make a minor adjustment.

Vaguely related, it would be nice to see duty officers (either the ones on active duty or any ones on the roster) inside the ship as well.
I support And would use all of these ideas if i could, specially the DOFFs, would be cool to see them wondering about, perhaps while they are at it, they could let Foundry authors utalise the interior to begin missions, by using Contacts much like the doff contacts inside ?