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06-27-2013, 10:24 AM
Originally Posted by samb0wski View Post
Is it better to change to Antiproton Heavy Dual Cannons? Or stick to the Phaser Dual Heavys?

Also, I have a pair of Phaser Quad Cannons I got with the Tactical Escort Refit.
Skip the Quad Cannons, they're DCs except that they drain engine power as well, so decidedly weaker than DHCs. Phaser is a good damage type for PvP, it tends to screw up your opponent's plans pretty effectively. It's not good for PvE though, just doesn't tend to make much difference to them (especially in ESTFs). Antiproton and Disruptor will both do more damage than Phaser, Disruptor is somewhat better, and will boost the entire team.