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A stormy dark night fell over the southern plains, as I was lead out to the schism. The congregated armies of the empire and the confederacy trained their weapons on my back. My only sin; being a weapon with free will.

I was captured in a honey trap by an intelligence operative, who was assassinated after my sentencing, presumably by the very outfit who sent him after me.

That was a verry long time ago, I was within my species normal lifecycle then, even had a son while on the run. I do hope he is okay.

I digress. As I was saying, both armies had their weapons trained at my back, just in case I tried to run, but I had given up on fighting these people. They didn't see me anymore, only a threat to their own existence. Even though I never took a life, they feared me.

Before me was the schism; a hole in the fabric of reality which lead to parts unknown, possibly oblivion. At least, that was the common knowledge among my people.

I was cast out of reality, allegedly doomed to fall for all eternity, through the infinite void beyond. This was not the case.

The schism, as it turns out, is a transdimensional anomaly caused by a devestating weapon system I found to be called System XN.

Where I landed, with a leg shattering crunch, was a battlefield on a scale beyond my realisation. Spanning reality itself, I saw four armoured warriors tackle the terrible doosday machine. A living mechanical lifeform which evolved to meet every challenge it faced, yet it couldn't break the warriors' will.

I lay at the edge of the battle for days, waiting for my bones to reset, before dragging my bulk over to the wreckage of the machine. I couldn't believe that there was a lifeform within, piloting the monstrosity. His name was Helios Olympus.

He tasked me with destroying the XN, telling me what it could do in the process. Helios died as a result of a pylon impaling his side.

I couldn't bring myself to destroy the system, not when I could use it to get back home. Thus I started tinkering with the wreckage, trying to understand how the XN worked. Something I still do not understand.

After years of toil, I rebuilt the the XN module itself, but could not operate the machine, so I set about the remaining wreckage of the war machine, hoping to find a control mechanism. What I found was the entire machine WAS the control mechanism, keyed to Helios.

More years of work passed by, the result being the RV now down in the hangar bay.

As I finished building the RV, I looked back to find I had fractured the land just by walking over it. Whether or not it was due to me, or if it had been weakened by the battle between the armoured warriors, I wasn't hanging around to find out.

I fired up the RV's XN module, my mind solely driven by going home. It worked somewhat, but the degree of success was not absolute, I missed the reality I was aiming for.

Where I landed did not fair too well. A gleaming structure of crystal shattered as soon as I stepped upon it. This prompted some tinkering to build the compensators you see on all my uniforms.

I spent years hopping from reality to reality, learning to control the XN systems as I went. What I hoped to be my last dimensional jump was very different from any other. The readouts on my screen died, followed by the cockpit vanishing around me. Once again I was falling forever.

My senses numbed, I retreated into myself, losing all perception of the passage of time.

At some point, the nothingness was no longer... nothing. Swirls of light hurtled toward me in a hazy blur. As the light enveloped me, I felt motion for the first time in an eternity...

As my sight adjusted to the conditions, I found myself in an alien place, which I later found to be main Engineering of the U.S.S. Moray.

The rest is as recorded in my record, aside from that one encounter with Q. For me that misadventure lasted a lot longer than you think...

"You still didn't answer the question Cagalli... just how much do you weigh?" Amuro asked.

"Simple answer is I don't know exactly. All I do know is that no planet in the Alpha Quadrant can support my mass unassisted." I responded.

"If you're that heavy you must be exerting a gravitational pull... Why don't we try using the ships sensors for an estimated reading?" Amuro pitched.

"Why not?" I broke a smile "Let me get my EVA suit"

I stepped off of the hull, floating out a distance of 10KM from the Alteisen Riese. "Ready?" I asked over the comm.

"Ready!" Chimed a chorus from the bridge.

I turned off the compensators... the Odyssey class vessel lurched toward me.

"TURN THEM BACK ON!" Amuro screamed down the comm.

"What's the damage?" I asked.

"Well... you blew out the gravimetric sensors, but the closest the computer can estimate at this time is something in the range of 9 billion tons..."
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