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Originally Posted by edalgo View Post
You may be right but for me personally if I didn't PvP I couldn't imagine spending money bc as previously said you could do everything in this game PVE wise with just free ships and equipment.

Catch 22 is an appropriate thread title
For me, the PvP thing goes well beyond that. I don't do Ground (which is not necessarily Cryptic's fault - plenty of folks do Ground and enjoy it...both PvE and PvP) nor do I do Shuttle, so I'm looking at the following:

Gorn/Fed Minefield
SB24 (Fed)

For the most part, each and every time those are done - they're going to be the same.

That's not a Cryptic/STO issue. That's a Dungeon/Raid Progression issue. I find it tedious.

PvP on the other hand (PUG), and you'll never know what you've got or what you're facing. It's a new adventure every time. It's endless content. Yes, it could do with more maps/choices to keep things a little more varied, but it's endless content at its core.

It's always what has kept me in a game the longest since the MMO market shifted back around 2005-2006 to the more casual player as home broadband became more available to the masses.

Cryptic knows they've got the space PvP thing going for them - they're not competing against EVE there, that's like apples and oranges. They can do the casual pew pew funtastic PvP long as it will show a return on the investment.

Which puts them in that definite catch-22...when it comes to PvP. PvE? Sure, keep selling more and more powerful stuff to folks...nifty ROI. PvP though?

I honestly believe Geko wants more for PvP, but it's a case of having to look at it from a business point of view as well. Thus, we've heard things about mixed PvE/PvP and all the rest. Ways in which he can get stuff out there for PvP while still getting a return on the investment. That mix of competitive PvE and PvP would be a potential angle to tackle that from...

...heh, outside of having folks pay to keep things out of PvP - how would they monetize PvP, eh?

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